3D Scanning

  • St Madoes 1
  • St Madoes 2

St Madoes Stone

The St Madoes scan and animated video was part of the Picts and Pixels Exhibit at Perth Museum and Gallery, Scotland, that ran from May to August 2017. The St Madoes Stone is located within Perth Museum. Resolution is 2160x3840 (Portrait) It played on loop on a portrait screen as part of the digital installation. .

  • Timespan Scanning 1
  • Timespan Scanning 2
  • Timespan Scanning 3

Timespan Museum & Arts Centre

Located in the Far North of Scotland in one of the remotest areas of Europe, Timespan provides a unique experience and resource for visitors, artists, researchers and locals. Timespan has a wonderful collection of historical objects that we have digitised for them.
Please see Timespan collections for further information.

  • EULAC 1
  • EULAC 2
  • EULAC 3
  • EULAC 4


As part of the EU-LAC MUSEUMS international research project, the team from the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews were tasked to design and facilitate 3D workshops hosted in partner countries. At the completion of the year, the team created over 150 digital objects and produced digital tours of nearly 30 museums in over 9 countries. As an output of the workshops, the team built an active Virtual Museum that would house the 3D media produced during the workshops.
Please see EU-LAC virtual museums website for further information.